Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After putting this thing together....there is more tweeking to be done.

Since I'm not very familiar with designing websites,
 I have a lot more noodling to do with this one.
A new profile story would be good, as this one is
 a few years old. I really do like the idea of having
a lot of favorite sites on my blog. It inspires me
and keeps me moving in the right direction.

My sister ~in~law Susan, aka, Sue, aka, Suey,
 aka, Sewer or CS2!! will be contributing here from
time to time, but doesn't know it yet. She always
has something good to offer in the way of art, scrapbooking,
 memory or heritage books, crafts, teaching, relationships,
marriage, donkeys, adolescent behavioral sciences,
 culinary endeavors, Scrabble,
and all things Fairie!!!

Here's something to ponder. When you visit here at my house
 you are more than welcome to browse, enjoy,
praise or critique. Though, there is a rule for critiquing
on this site. If you find something is not quite right,
I have no problem with you pointing it out,
but you will then have to offer a suggestion
 as to how it may be fixed.

Thank you so much!

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