Friday, March 7, 2014

Love Notes ~ Project #7 ~ Post Card one, two, and three.

This is for you Glenda. #1

This is #2 Glenda

#2 back


by Leeah Jade

#3 back

I thoroughly enjoyed this three weeks of Love Notes. I've enjoyed getting to
know Glenda. I loved her cards and the special care she took to make sure they
made their way to me in good care. And I especially liked the words I read
each week. Thank you Glenda.

A side note to Glenda..... I had stayed up late the night I finished the
last two cards and I left them out when I went to bed. I got up late the next 
morning and found the love note my great granddaughter had left for Glenda also. 
So I adjusted my original design and sent her love note also. Hope you enjoy.

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