Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art with my Heart & my Hands

Kim, (my neice) took this shot in her dad and mom's
backyard. We were having a short art lesson here. We're
sitting on Layne and Susan's backporch having coffee
 and enjoying the sun and the early morning. 
Later, the girls came to investigate and stayed to play.

I am linking this post to Helen's
Hump Day Haiku

Kim, Susan and Me
Painting, Learning, and Playing
Favorite things to do.

This is Kim, Susan and Me.
This is the back porch and the painting lesson.

Kyra and Maya soon take over.

Kim and I worked on some small soldered Art pieces.
Sure wish we could get together
more often.

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Helen Campbell said...

Your art afternoon looks like a fun way to spend time with family. Happy Hump Day!

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