Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making Collages with Leeah

We make our background first, by painting or laying
down layers of paper or spray the page. We let it
dry well. While our base paper dries we choose all of 
the things we would like on our collages. We chose cut out
pages or pictures from old books. We thought a walk
 outside for awhile would be good for finding objects
 that would work. We chose ribbon, wire, buttons, 
beads, stickers or pre-cut shapes etc. We then spent 
the next couple of hours getting messy and artsy 
with our collages and all the beautiful treasures
we found to put on to our art pieces.

Slopping and slapping
my brush across the colors
swirling and twirling

I'm linking this posting to
Helen's Hump Day Haiku

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